Tucson environmentalists get to work for Day of Climate Action

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Around Tucson and across the globe, thousands of environmental enthusiasts pulled out their garden tools in honor of 10-10-10.

"I always feel like I cant do enough, that I can always improve," said Karin Have about her old adobe house as she worked to turn it into a sustainable home.

Many people spent Sunday improving homes as part of the International Day of Climate Action.

Sunday morning about a dozen volunteers partnered with a nonprofit environmental organization called Watershed Management, to improve Karin's water irrigation system.

The improvements will help Karin collect usable rain water in her yard, which will conserve energy and cut energy costs. If more homeowners did the same, it could potentially cut energy costs by millions of dollars a year in Tucson.

Along with improving Karin's irrigation system, volunteers worked to decrease carbon dioxide in the air.

The group planted five mesquite trees. Each one absorbs about 7,000 pounds of carbon in its lifetime.

But the volunteers and Karin know they can't clean up the environment alone.

Volunteers worked on six Tucson homes Sunday, fixing hidden leaks, windows, and doors, which helps reduce air leakage and can save a homeowner nearly a hundred dollars a year.