Nogales mayor back on the job

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Nogales Mayor Octavio Garcia Von Borstel in his City Hall office on Monday. By Bob Richardson Nogales Mayor Octavio Garcia Von Borstel in his City Hall office on Monday. By Bob Richardson

NOGALES, Ariz. -- Less than 72-hours after being released from jail on bond, Nogales Mayor Octavio Garcia Von Borstel was back in his City Hall office Monday morning, conducting city business.

The mayor is facing multiple felony counts under indictments garnered by the Arizona Attorney General's office.  He spent more than a week in jail until his bond was reduced in a Friday hearing to $25,000.  He walked out of the Santa Cruz County jail Friday at about 6:15 p.m.

City spokesperson Ofelia McCullough confirmed to Fox 11 News that the mayor walked into his office Monday morning and spent about a half hour there.  She says he met with Nogales City Manager Shane Dille to discuss city business before he left.

McCullough said she felt it was just "business as usual" when the indicted mayor showed up for work.

Garcia Von Borstel is charged, along with his father, with bribery, money laundering, theft and other charges.

Nogales International reporter Wren Abbott quoted the mayor on Monday as saying, "I look forward to continuing to work with all my colleagues and again keeping the community moving forward in a positive way."  The newspaper said the mayor declined to go into detail about the criminal charges against him.  His attorney, Christopher Scileppi, has labeled the charges as "political" saying its an attempt by Attorney General Terry Goddard to boost his "flagging" campaign for Governor.  Both Von Borstel and Goddard are Democrats.

Von Borstel told the newspaper he plans to attend and chair the next city council meeting scheduled for Wednesday at 6 p.m.

On the Nogales International website, under its Monday story on the mayor, there were multiple comments from people demanding the mayor resign his office.