Computer stolen from Phoenix mayor's house

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PHOENIX - Phoenix police are investigating a break-in and burglary at Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's home that occurred sometime in the early morning hours Saturday.

According to a spokesperson, at approximately 6:30 a.m. Gordon noticed a back door to his home had been damaged and his personal computer was missing. The mayor said his wallet and checkbook were in the same room as the computer, but they were not taken. Gordon was home alone at the time of the incident.

Police believe Gordon scared off the burglars when he was making coffee around 4:30 a.m., not giving them a chance to take more items.

Police detectives were dispatched to the mayor's home on Saturday and they continue to investigate the crime. The mayor has a five-officer security detail who oversees his day-to-day personal security, but the team is not typically assigned to the mayor around-the-clock. 

The laptop did contain both personal and work-related information, but Gordon said there are passwords in place that would prevent the suspects from getting to any sensitive information.

It is expected that on Monday a meeting will take place between the mayor's staff and the Phoenix Police Department regarding increased security for Gordon in light of the burglary.