Lawyers for Baby Gabriel's mom want Ariz. charges dismissed

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TEMPE, Ariz. – The defense lawyers for a woman accused in the disappearance of her young son have filed a motion to dismiss some charges against her.

Adam Feldman and Nick Alcock are lawyers for Elizabeth Johnson. She is facing charges in the disappearance of her baby son, Gabriel, who was last seen almost a year ago.

Johnson’s lawyers say they want some charges filed in Arizona against their client dropped due to an alleged unauthorized jailhouse interview.

Feldman and Alcock are citing police misconduct as a reason to drop those charges. They say a detective from San Antonio spoke to Johnson for about three hours without them present and while their client was medicated and not shackled.

Det. John Salame reportedly was accompanied into the jail by a Tempe police officer and a representative of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office when he went to speak to Johnson at Estrella Jail.

Johnson’s lawyers say Det. Salame conducted an unprofessional and inappropriate interview. They also allege that he told Johnson that he was her only chance of saving her from a Texas death penalty.

3TV tried to reach both the Tempe Police Department and a spokesperson from the county attorney’s office but both declined to comment.