Tucson launches campaign in support of national gun violence initiative

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Mayor bob Walkup has proclaimed October 'Keep your family safe, stop gun violence month.'

With that in mind, police and neighborhood groups launched a new effort intended to stop gun violence.

Guns kill, families are crying police and ambulance are being called, guns separate families, that's why we should not use guns.

A pair students from Naylor Middle School on the south side help set the tone Thursday for a new campaign, with poetry and art.

"I just drew this to say not to use guns in a bad way, to use them for crime stopping," said student Lillie Murray.

But Tucson police know spreading the message will take more than painting and poetry and are offering free gun locks and education classes on gun safety over the next month.

"Were stressing the importance of responsible gun ownership , i want to make it clear we're not saying we're against gun ownership or we're trying to limit guns," said Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor.

Tracy Bryant knows all too well about the dangers of guns. Back in 1990 her store was robbed and she was shot.

"I got shot in the face, because of that i have a right ear that is deaf, part of my right face is paralyzed," said Bryant. "And i think that people need to realize how important it is to be gun safe, it doesn't mean that you don't have to not have any guns, it means you need to be smart with them."

The campaign is part of a national initiative called project safe neighborhoods, designed to stop gun crime.