Pinal County closes deputy shooting case after test results confirm events

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RIMROCK, Ariz. - The results from an investigation into the shooting in the desert involving a Pinal County deputy have been announced.

The Department of Public Safety concluded "a hole was located on the back left side of the T-shirt. The area around the hole was microscopically and chemically processed for the presence of gunshot residues. Bullet wipe was found which is consistent with the passage of a bullet, however no gun powder was detected."

On April 30, Deputy Louie Puroll was involved in a shooting with suspected drug smugglers in the Vekol Valley.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office investigated the shooting and confirmed the accounts of the events described by Puroll.

At the conclusion of the investigation, two doctors began speaking out to the media, saying comments about the bullet wound to the contrary of what the PCSO investigation concluded.

The doctors suggested the wound was a contact wound and in order to prove otherwise the shirt needed to be tested.

By request of PCSO, DPS tested the shirt.

Based on this, the sheriff's office concludes the gunshot wound was not at close contact as the two doctors suggested.

Sheriff Paul Babeau considers the investigation into the shooting closed. An internal investigation is still pending.