Rio Nuevo board makes hotel decision

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After months of debate and back and forth with the city, the Rio Nuevo board finally took action Thursday night on the convention center hotel.

It took over three hours in executive session, but the board came out and issued a notice to proceed for the convention center hotel to the City of Tucson.

The motion wasn't unanimous though. Board members wrestled with whether this was a financially viable project.

Rick Grenell could not come to terms with voting yes.  "I really looked at the information I had available and I just would not pass this debt opportunity to my kids, why would I want to pass it to the taxpayers," said Grenell.

"We're trying to work in an inherited framework, and ensure there's proper oversight and that the taxpayers are protected," said Jodi Bain.

"I really believe this hotel will do fine, I really really do," said Jeff DiGregorio.

The motion passed 8 to 2, with one abstention. The notice is only good for 90 days.

Now, the pressure is on the city to decide what to do next.