Scottsdale doctor hopes to help you reverse the hands of time

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While we try to reverse the signs of aging on the outside, many of us ignore the signs that we're aging on the inside. One Scottsdale doctor is looking at your DNA to see if he can help reverse the hands of time.

"I work a lot," Valley mom Pam Michaud says. "I travel a lot. I've got a lot of different stresses, two teenage sons and a husband."

Michaud says she's always on the go so staying healthy is a constant struggle. "Very tired, fatigued and knew I wasn't eating right," Michaud continues.

Michaud needed help and turned to Naturopathic doctor Suneil Jain at Rejuvena Health and Aesthetics in Scottsdale.
"It sounded like something that really made a lot of sense to me," Michaud says.

Dr. Jain is using what is called a telomere test from Spectracell Laboratories. Patients simply get their blood drawn and, based on the blood and cell samples, it can determine just how fast your body is aging.

"Telomeres are basically the end of your chromosomes ok, almost like a shoelace," Jain sxplains. "The end of it has a little plastic top to it and as we age the length of the telomere starts to decrease. So the faster we are aging the faster the telomeres are replicating and each telomere can only replicate for certain amount of time before they stop replicating and eventually die."
Jain says that when the process to the cells increases too rapidly, that is a sign a person is aging faster than normal.
"It could be medical conditions or they could have no traditional diagnosis being made other than generic symptoms like fatigue, hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiency."

In Michaud's case, her cellular age was twenty years older than her actual age, which is 50-years-old.

"Can I reverse that," Michaud asks. "Can I at least get that as close to my real age?"

"You can address those issues very easily by making some dietary changes, looking at food insensitivities, looking at nutritional deficiencies and managing oxidative stress," Jain says.

Michaud's treatment plan included everything from dietary changes, exercise, supplements like fish oil and IV nutritional therapy.

"For nothing else you can make some significant lifestyle changes and improve that score," Jain says.

Michaud feels a lot better since starting her new transformation a couple of months ago. Although she has not been re-tested, she says she believes this is a step in the right direction.

"It really is about trying to do some easy things to keep you going, feeling good and keeping you at the age you should feel." Michaud says.

Insurance does not cover the cost of the test.

For more information on the Telomere Test, contact Dr. Suneil Jain at the Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics by calling (480) 551-9000 or by going to We Rejuvenate