Officer involved in fatal shooting says fellow officer, witness is lying

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PHOENIX -- The attorney for a Phoenix police officer being investigated for shooting a man and his dog said his client was justified in using deadly force.

Danny Rodriguez, 29, was shot and killed in his mother's trailer in South Phoenix on Tuesday. Rodriguez's dog was also killed.

Police investigators said Officer Richard Chrisman was behind both shootings. They said Chrisman was trying to keep Rodriguez from leaving.

Another officer on scene, Sergio Virgillo, said Rodriguez was unarmed. Virgillo also said the victim was only a couple of feet away from Chrisman when he was shot.

Chrisman's lawyer said Virgillo is possibly lying to cover up something.

"Rather than get himself in trouble he decided to say things about Officer Chrisman that are not quite correct," Craig Mehrens said.

Chrisman has been charged with aggravated assault.