Breast cancer message causing controversy in Phoenix-area schools

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PHOENIX - People like to show their support for breast cancer awareness during the month of October by sporting t-shirts, bracelets and pins.

Right now rubber bracelets for sale at the malls have become very popular with kids.

The message on one bracelet, “I heart boobies," is the stores number one seller, but has also created some controversy over the use of the word boobies.

Miles Jones, a junior at Horizon High School, wears a couple of bracelets in support of breast cancer awareness.

The message on these popular bracelets is causing problems at some schools.

Danielle Airey with the Peoria School District said these bracelets are causing a distraction inside the classroom.

According to Ann Brashears, a cancer survivor who lost both her breasts, the message has to be loud and clear in order for kids to get it.

A representative from the Paradise Valley School District said they plan on bringing this up with some of the principals to figure out how to handle this.

Phoenix Union School District said if kids show up with them on, teachers and principals will ask them to turn the bracelets inside out.