Mesa residents whose homes were hit by power poles assess the damage

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MESA, Ariz. - 3TV was allowed inside a Mesa home struck by power poles that were blown over in Tuesday’s storm.

Dozens of people are still out of their homes although some are able to stay at hotels courtesy of the Red Cross.
The neighborhood hit hardest by the storm is near Dobson and Guadalupe.

Wet debris fell from the ceiling on top of Martha Bartleson's 6-month-old granddaughter, Chloe. She says “I was grateful she was crying and conscience and I don't think she got knocked out, but she did get hit pretty hard.”

Her home now has holes caused by a series of downed power lines. When Bartleson noticed her house got hit by a pole, she says her adrenaline got pumping again.  “I was worrying about live wires because I knew there would be live wires all over the place and 911 was basically telling us to get out.”

Ten power poles snapped and fell on homes along the same street. SRP says 40 high voltage lines came crashing down in that area Tuesday night.

Clyde Spillers, with the City of Mesa, explains, “There's two or three of them that are real bad, they're non-inhabitable right now and we'll work with them, but we have a couple of kitchens down there totally blown out.”

About every fourth home down the street has a pole on it.

SRP says it plans to have the poles and lines removed from all the houses by Friday afternoon. New poles are expected to go up on Friday.