Agreement may help indentify some who die in Arizona's desert

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In the 1980's, the number of migrant deaths in the Arizona desert each year registered in the teens. Thirty years later, that number is over 250, and it's been tough to identify them. But a new agreement between Pima County and mexico could help give a name to the unknowns.

Dr. Bruce Anderson is an anthropologist for the Pima County medical examiners office. He specializes in identifying migrants found dead in the desert. With 650 migrants currently unidentified, Tuesday was a big day in his career.

At a press conference inside the Hotel Arizona, the consulate of mexico and the Pima County examiner's office signed a memorandum of understanding allowing both sides to share dna.

The intention is that the sharing will help identify those found in the desert and hopefully close some of the nearly 800 missing person reports in Mexico.