Tackling Tucson's budget shortfall

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The city council tackled Tucson's $51 million budget shortfall in session Tuesday. City leaders are feeling the pressure to act fast before the November 2 election.

They faced another big decision Tuesday.  With a 5 to 1 vote, mayor and council axed $8.3 million from the city's 2011 budget. But it didn't happen without some heated debate.

Council members Karen Uhlich and Steve Kozachik sparred over whether today's action was significant enough.

Kozachik was the only no vote. And he stood by it. He says $8.3 million isn't enough to convince the public to vote for a core tax.

Tuesday's action comes after weeks of work by the city manager's office. Mike Letcher and his team came up with a savings plan that exceeds the core tax committee's recommendations by $5.4 million.

But Kozachik insists the public is demanding more than what the council did Tuesday. He says unless they make deeper cuts, voters will have one question on their minds on November 2.

But for now $8.3 million is going to have to do.