Arizona 2nd highest in poverty

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For many people, money is hard to come by, especially in Arizona.  Arizona has the second highest percentage of people living in poverty in the country.

Many Tucsonans living in poverty rely on the Community Food Bank.

Around 225,000 people receive free or discounted food each month from Tucson's food bank. That's up more than 100% from 2007.

Food bank President Bill Carnegie says his agency is operating nearly at maximum capacity.  "We're seeing people from every walk of life - electricians, plumbers, roofers, we're seeing people with professional degrees," said Canegie.

Nearly 20% of Arizonans were living in poverty last year, a substantial increase from 2008.

"We know that the situation's actually getting worse out there for people in Southern Arizona," said Carnegie.

Pima County has the highest level of child poverty in the state.

One out of every four children in Arizona was living in poverty last year.