Abused dog found with broken leg dies during surgery at local shelter

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PHOENIX - An abused puppy died Thursday during surgery to repair several injuries, including a broken leg.

A volunteer for the Arizona Animal Welfare League and the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescued the injured lab/pit bull-mix puppy named Henrietta and brought her to the shelter Wednesday.

The puppy had a broken front leg that was out of its socket. Henrietta was in so much pain that the veterinary staff had to sedate her.

Human physical abuse is suspected as the cause of the dog's injury.

According to the shelter, the dog died during surgery. AAWL/SPCA staff said they were grateful to the veterinary specialist who performed the surgery and did everything possible to try to save the puppy's life, as well as her leg.

Anyone wishing to help the nonprofit organization can visit AAWL or call 602-273-6852, ext. 106.

The organization is urging anyone who recognizes the signs of animal cruelty to contact law enforcement.