City of Nogales still feeling its way through mayor's arrest

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NOGALES, Ariz. -- The impact of having its mayor behind bars is settling in on the city of Nogales, Arizona, and it's not a comfortable feeling.

City leaders have spent recent days trying to figure out, "Now what?"

Mayor Octavio Garcia Von Borstel and his father were arrested on fraud, money laundering and other charges.

A day after Octavio Garcia Von Borstel was arrested. The sting is still felt throughout the Nogales city hall.

"I don't think that the shock of everything has worn off and as I talk to other people in the organization and other members of my staff, they're kind of feeling the same way," said Nogales City Manager Shane Dille.

Behind the walls of city hall is where Garcia conducted his mayoral duties For now he is left in a cell at the Santa Cruz county sheriff's office. City Mmanager Shane Dille has not spoken to the mayor since 8 A.M. on Tuesday. But he knows the city has to run and things must move on.

"I came to work this morning at eight o'clock and we were running, rocking and rolling with just the normal day to day routine, what we need to do to provide services to the community," said Dille.

One of the first things on Dille's agenda was a meeting with Vice Mayor Olga Valdez. She will take over as interim mayor while Garcia's criminal case moves forward.  "She took some time, some personal time yesterday today to regroup and come to grips with the responsibility which is hers now," said Dille.

Nogales has a council manager government similar to Tucson. The mayor is a ceremonial figure of sorts. The city manager is the CEO, making most of the decisions.

"From a day to day operations stand point this event doesn't really rock the boat," said Dille.

Dille was quick to explain the high-hopes the city has in it's mayor.  "[He was] somebody who had put himself in a position of doing a lot of good for a lot of people," said Dille.  "If at the end of the day the law determines that he is guilty I would think that is a huge tragedy."

Mayor Garcia and his father Octavio Suarez Garcia remain behind bars on $250,000 bond. The earliest they could bond out is Thursday.

A court hearing is scheduled for Monday.