Yoga for kids: A healthy way of life

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Yoga is a practice that supports kids in developing confidence, strength, stamina, as well as strong communication skills. Yoga for kids is a healthy form of non-competitive play and discipline in one. Through practicing movements that help to support integrating the left and right hemispheres of the brain, kids who practice yoga are balanced kids, better equipped with the ability to focus. The best part is, the kids are free to move and work their bodies, minds, and share their heart and soul with the class.  Yoga for kids is an absolute blast!

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Valuable Tools & Principles Learned 
• Respecting ones body and the space of others
• Using imaginative play while engaging in active participation
• Confidence and team building
• Listening skills
• Responsibility for self and self talk
• Trust
• Fitness is fun and can be a family affair
• Boundaries and discipline
• Healthy foundation for classroom social skills
• Freedom to move and play without competition
• Cognitive recall
• Brain integration for emotional balance and memory
• Healthy happy kids are more likely to become healthy happy young adults
• Independence and interdependence
• Focus and overall well being
Kali Ray Torres works within local public and private classrooms, inspiring youth and adults to be themselves, honoring ones true essence. Build a Bridge inspires you to balance, breathe, and stretch beyond your imagination. Young or Old, Build a Bridge, is a practice that will inspire you to achieve your vision and provide the tools to support you on the mat and in your every day life.  All one needs is an open mind and a willingness to take the first step. With an all levels approach, this fun, non-competitive practice; integrates body, mind and soul. Kali Ray's mission is to "bridge the gap" fostering healthy self-esteem, confidence and achievement in school and extracurricular activities.  Feel refreshed, renewed and get ready to soar! 

"Kali Ray has experience teaching a wide range of yoga classes and thus has experience working with people from ages 8-80 years old. Everyone always enjoys being in her presence and leaves her presence feeling refreshed and renewed. It's a true joy to send time with Kali Ray and she would be a major asset to any organization."

David Romanelli
Co-Founder of At One Yoga