Mountain Pointe teacher under fire for accusations of encouraging racial slurs

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PHOENIX - An African-American studies class at one Valley high school under fire after accusations the teacher encouraged students to use derogatory words for all races in the class.

A student says for the last week, her teacher gave them permission to use racial slurs in class, but when one girl did just that, the student who spoke to 3TV didn’t feel comfortable.

“I was shocked that she said it, she actually said it,” the student said.

What the Caucasian student said was the n-word.

This student, who wanted to remain anonymous, is a junior at Mountain Pointe high school in Ahwatukee and said her teacher told the class they were allowed to use racial slurs in their African American history class.

They were asked to list not just racial slurs against African Americans, but Mexicans, Chinese and other races, according to this student.

She said the students were allowed to use any of the racial slurs they wrote during class.    

“She said for the time of the discussion we can use the racial slurs but she didn't want you to say them outside of class,” the student said.

Deedee Watson, the student’s mother, who is a teacher herself, complained to the high school and says she even talked to the teacher.

“She said she didn't feel there was nothing wrong with what she was teaching and she had been a teacher for 6 years,” Watson said.

The instructor agreed to talk to us on camera, but minutes before our scheduled interview she cancelled, saying she was too emotional.

The district also didn't want to comment until Watson files a formal complaint, which she plans to do.

“It shouldn't be used at all, even if it's something that you're teaching because what happens is if a child doesn't know those terms and the teacher is saying it's okay to use that, well what's wrong with them using it outside of class?” Watson said.

The student 3TV talked to said she has enjoyed the class until this point and would like to continue, but wants the slurs to stop.