Tucson family loses home to fire

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A Tucson father of four says he's lucky he and his family are alive. A fire ripped through their home late Saturday night. This happened just before the launch of fire prevention week, which starts in October.

Matthew Wolf's Saturday night was winding down just like any other. But just before midnight he noticed smoke coming down the hallway.

Flames from an electrical fire started in a bedroom which is completely destroyed.

As flames filled his home, Matthew scrambled to get the family out to the front yard. A neighbor called 911.

"It was kind of a shock, to wake up and our house was filling with smoke, not really knowing where it was coming from and not really knowing what was going on," said Wolf.

Bags of destroyed items sit in the family's living room and outside there's a truck full of furniture that has no place to go, but Matthew is just thankful he was still awake when the fire started. His home didn't have a working smoke detector.

"The smoke detector serves as your nose. When you're sleeping you aren't going to smell the smoke and wake up like a lot of people think," said Captain Trish Tracy of the Tucson Fire Department.  "But when you have a working smoke detector that can wake you up, alert the family that there is a fire and it will give you time to escape."

The Tucson Fire Department is offering free smoke detectors between October 3 and October 9 as part of "Fire Prevention Week".