Lincoln MKS one-tank trip to Jerome

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This week Gayle Bass took a one-tank trip in the new Lincoln MKS.The Lincoln MKS is a luxury car with a V6 engine that drives like a car with a V8 engine. It's Ford's technology that makes this possible. The Lincoln MKS has something called EcoBoost, a twin turbo charger that makes the MKS as fast as a V8 but maintains the fuel economy of a V6 engine.

Gayle drove the Lincoln MKS to Jerome and visited places such as Audrey highestame Park, La Victoria Glass Studio and had lunch at the higest point in town, Asylum at The Grand Hotel. During the excursion Gayle was able to chat with her father on the Lincoln MKS hands-free system that didn't event make her type in a phone number. The Lincoln MKS makes traveling a breeze with comfortable interior and a luxury, sporty exterior. For more information on this vehicle visit Lincoln MKS on-line. Happy traveling!