Swarm of bees attacks Phoenix couple's dogs, killing 2 of them

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PHOENIX - An aggressive swarm of bees attacked a Phoenix family's dogs on Thursday, killing two of the family's pets.

Robert Tompkins says the bees swarmed his back porch and began stinging the family's four dogs at their home near 24th Street and Indian School. He and his wife rushed to save their dogs, but were forced back inside after they were stung dozens of times. 

They were able to get two of the dogs inside the house but said they watched through the window as the other two lost the battle. Tompkins said, “I knew they were dying. I knew it and there was nothing, absolutely nothing we could do."

Firefighters believe the bees were migrating.  They were unable to find a hive in the area.

The Tompkins family lost a Dalmatian and a Pitbull-Labrador mix; their two Rotweillers survived the attack.

One of the Rotweillers remains under the care of their veterinarian where at least 35 stingers were pulled from just one of his ears.  Tompkins explains, “He's pretty bad. He won't eat, he won't hardly walk and these are big dogs, they're not little dogs these bees killed, I mean, they're like 100 pounds at least."