Treating lower back pain

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Lower back pain is common because the area bears so much of the weight in our bodies. Lower back pain usually starts out as something minor or simple and without proper care turns into a snowball of pain that's hard to treat. One of the most common mistakes that people make in treating lower back pain is heating the area. Novocur recommends applying ice 20-minutes at a time and states that, "heat only increases blood flow and therefore increase inflammation in the area which causes pain as a result." The best thing that can be done when a minor injury occurs is to get help right away. Whether that be with icing, over-the-counter medication or physical therapy.

If those options don't seem to work then it's time to visit Novocur. Novocur takes a lot of patients that have tried everything else and can't find the relief they need. Novocur uses a non-steroidal injection type treatment that helps shrink down the inflammation and break the pain cycle. It is then that the patients can continue to go back to physical therapy and finally get pain relief. For more information visit Novocur on-line.