All charges against so-called 'serial speeder' dropped

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PEORIA, Ariz. - A man who was issued 55 speed camera tickets will not have to pay for a single one of them.

“Look the bottom line is for all purposes, practical and legal purposes, Elvis didn't do this,” says his lawyer, Michael Kielsky.

Nevertheless the Department of Public Safety says Elvis Amir Saloom racked up some 55 photo radar tickets in 2009.

Investigators say all 55 civil violations and 12 criminal violations were earned in his mom's 1998 Lexus.

After months of searching for this driver, DPS arrested Saloom, convinced he was the one.

“Every single one of them was either never filed or dismissed,” Kielsky explains.

In fact, only 13 civil and 12 criminal were ever filed and Saloom’s defense attorney now says all the cases have been dismissed because, “They hadn't disclosed anything or everything needed to disclose and went over the speedy trial time.”

So the man accused of reckless driving at speeds over 100 miles per hour walks.

“If DPS really had good evidence, maybe obtain one conviction in one case? They had nothing.”

So who’s to blame in all of these photo radar crimes being dismissed? Kielsky says he is not sure. It could be DPS or the county attorney's office but neither agreed to speak with 3TV.

As far as Saloom’s record is concerned, his lawyer says, “He didn't do it. Bottom line.”

As for an appeal or charges being re-filed, 3TV is told there is no chance of that happening because the statute of limitations is one year and that year has come and gone.