Rio Nuevo negotiation to continue; Kidco program evaluated

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The city staff has the authority to continue to negotiate with the Rio Nuevo district board to attempt to set a maximum price for a proposed new convention center hotel.

That came after the Tucson City council spent more than two hours in executive session. Council member Steve Kozachik offered a counter motion that since the district will be the owner of the hotel, that the city can sit back and wait for them to do the negotiating, but his motion died for the lack of a second.


The council also continued looking at possible budget cuts.  Tuesday they listened to a final evaluation of the Kidco program.

Kidco provides recreational activities to what would otherwise be unsupervised kids. Researchers from the University of Arizona alongside the Parks and Recreation Department showed the council why the Kidco program is so worthwhile.

Still, the Parks and Recreation Department is set to cut 15% from its budget, so Kidco isn't out of the woods yet.

After the presentation, several council members praised the Kidco program. And pledged they would do all they could to avoid making cuts to these types of programs.