Neighbors alert Apache Junction family to lightning-sparked fire

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APACHE JUNCTION, Ariz. -- An Apache Junction family just might owe their lives to their neighbors, who woke them up after their house caught fire early Wednesday morning.

Initial indications are that lightning sparked the fire at about 1 a.m. There was quite a bit of storm activity in the area at the time.

One of those neighbors is a construction worker who was heading home because his site was closed due to the weather.

"We just tried to get them out as fast as we could," said Richard Haag. "The fire was coming out pretty good, coming out of the eaves of the house. Their safety was the most important thing."

The other neighbor lives behind the home.

"They were pounding on the door and screaming for us to get out," said Teri Allen, the homeowner.

Allen also said she recently disconnected her smoke alarm in the kitchen because she bakes quite a bit and they kept going off.

No injuries were reported.