Lightning to blame for early morning mobile-home fire?

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix homeowner says she believes lightning might be to blame for the massive fire that destroyed her North Valley mobile home overnight.

Flames lit up the early morning sky near 40th Street and Pinnacle Peak Road. Firefighters got the call at about 2 a.m.

The homeowner said she thought she heard lightning strike her home just before the fire started.

By the time firefighters arrived, the flames had already fully engulfed the double-wide trailer.

Firefighters said there was an added danger with this fire because the mobile homes sit very close together.

Crews said the fire actually started to spread to homes on either side. Firefighters were able to keep that from happening.

"The biggest thing that save this whole operation was a quick response by the fire department," said Capt. Chris Murphy of the Phoenix Fire Department's Station 52. Murphy's engine was the first on the scene.

Crews managed to contain the damage to the one trailer.

The homeowner, who was up watching TV when the fire started and is actually the one who called 911, got out safely. No injuries were reported.

Early indications are that the fire might have started in the carport.