Dream act supporters rally; Brewer's SB 1070 appeal; Deportation fight

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They're looking for a pathway to citizenship. That's why dozens of protestors have camped out in front Senator John McCain's office for four days. Monday they took their message to the state capitol.

People calling themselves the "Dream Army" held a news conference Monday morning at the capitol in support of the Dream Act.

If passed, the development, relief and education for alien minors act would allow undocumented students who graduate from high school and have been in the country for at least five years, eligible for citizenship if they meet certain college requirements or serve two years in the military. Critics call it amnesty, supporters say it's a buy-in into the country.

Senator John McCain was once a sponsor of the bill but now opposes it. The dream act is attached to a defense bill and is expected to be voted on as early as Tuesday.


The date has been set for Governor Brewer's appeal over Arizona's new immigration law. Brewer wants to reverse a judge's decision to put some of the most controversial portions of the law on hold.

Like the section requiring officers to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws. The section requiring immigrants to carry their papers at all times was also knocked out. The date for the hearing is November first.


Another Southern Arizona resident is facing deportation from his famiily, and a local group is fighting to keep him in this country.

Alfonso Morales-Macias has lived in tucson for two decades.  He and his wife have two children who are U.S. citizens, both in school. He was arrested two years ago during an immigration raid at an area Walmart and is scheduled for deportation on Friday.

This same group was able to get a stay of deportation from the department of homeland security for another person within the past month.