Bullying and weight disorders

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Bullying and weight disorders can go hand in hand.  Remuda Ranch offers treatment for all ages for anxiety and weight disorders. Bullying to kids can be devastating to their self-esteem, confidence and body image and can lead to eating disorders. Remuda Ranch has seen more than 10,000 patients for eating disorders and so many of the patients say their eating disorder was triggered by being bullyed about their weight. 

There are two types of bullying physical and verbal and it's happening to both male and females. If a child looks different in appearance in any way either too thin or obese they are being bullied. The thin kids are being physically abused while kids that are obese are being verbally abused.  If this is happening to your child or someone you know it's important to know that the State of Arizona has a no tolerance law. Starting at home parents should also have a no tolerance policy. 60% of the kids at Remuda Ranch reported that some of the teasing came from their own family members. And, if it's happening at school it's important to meet with teachers and principals and collaborate on what can be done to stop the bullying at once.

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