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Osteoarthritis affects more than 27 million Americans. Osteoarthritis is one of more than 100 arthritis types, a degenerative arthritis and one of the most common. It is mostly associated with the elderly. However, in the U.S. there is prominence of osteoarthritis in males under 45 years of age and prominent in females over 55. The big risk of osteoarthritis is aging and deterioration of cartilage and joint space. The second highest risk is obesity. With obesity patent's have problems with their knees and hips. The third risk is with people who are or have been athletic during their lives.

The treatment for osteoarthritis is common steroidal substance to the area and also non-steroidal substance. AZ Pain Centers differentiates themselves from other pain centers by offering the non-steroidal substance. This substance when used repeatedly  does not make the problem worse unlike other common steroidal substances. Therefore, AZ Pain Centers' non-steroidal treatment helps treat the osteoarthritis long-term and not just short-term.

To avoid hip or knee replacement visit AZ Pain Centers early on. Once you have constant pain and no over the counter medications are working that's a good sign you may need to see a specialist before it gets worse.

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