Human error, lax monitoring contributed to Kingman prison escape

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Natalie Rivers By Natalie Rivers

PHOENIX -- An internal investigation into three inmates' escape from a privately operated state prison near Kingman concluded it was human error that created the opportunity for the breakout.

Arizona Corrections Department officials said John McCluskey, Tracy Province and Daniel Renwick escaped with the help of McCluskey's cousin and fiancee, Casslyn Welch, on July 30.

On Monday, the Arizona Department of Corrections released a report on its investigation into the inmates' escape. The department said the investigation concluded that human error created the opportunity for the inmates to break out of the medium-security facility.

The department said the investigation also confirmed that the department's monitoring in Kingman was lax and contributed to the conditions that allowed the escape.

The agency's on-site monitor, who was moved to another institution following the escape, was dismissed from the department, according to ADC Director Charles L. Ryan.

"The report makes clear Management & Training Corp. employees failed to follow sound correctional practices," Ryan said. "ADC failed to properly monitor the activities at the Kingman private prison and did not hold the company's feet to the fire. The escape demonstrated the department's old monitoring program did not raise critical issues."

Ryan said the department has revamped its monitoring program.

"The new monitoring system allows ADC management to track and correct deficiencies in a timely manner," Ryan said.