Money-saving tips at the grocery store

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PHOENIX -- Saving money at the grocery store just might be easier than you think. You can always use coupons, but that's an old idea. We're talking about some ideas that some savvy consumers already know about, but ideas we should all keep in mind when grocery shopping.

American families spend approximately 10 percent of their income on groceries, but you can begin shaving some of that cost by shopping smart.

First up, shop alone. Bringing your kids can rack up your bill because they usually want everything.

Make a list. Sticking to that list will help you ignore other items.

Look down. Cheaper items are often toward the ground, so stop, look and bend.

Look for generics. Not all generics are great, but buy generic flour, sugar, salt and bleach and you'll probably never know the difference.

Don't shop hungry. If you do, you'll always buy more.

Buy block cheese and grate it yourself. Buying grated cheese is almost always a lot more expensive.

Another idea, consider getting your vegetables from the 99 cent store. Why pay $2 a pepper when you can get three for a $1?

Finally, avoid salad dressing. Instead, make your own. The Internet has all kinds of cheap ideas.