Surgery performed on dog whose legs were severed by train

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PHOENIX – A stray dog whose hind legs were severed after being hit by a train will be undergoing surgery.

The Arizona Humane Society recently received 1 ½-year-old Chatanooga, who had been struck by a train near Seventh Street and Buckeye Road.

During surgery at the Humane Society’s Second Chance Clinic, Dr. Croteau and Dr. Koyerri will clean Chatanooga’s wounds and surgically close the ends of the hind legs below where the legs were severed.

Chatanooga will also undergo a graft surgery where the doctor will get skin from his back and place it on the ends of the legs to create pads that will hopefully allow Chatanooga to use his limbs or even a prosthetic device.

Pete Norgren was the man who saved Chatanooga’s life. He said the dog had been wandering around for a couple of weeks before he was hit by the train.

Norgren took the dog to Chandler Animal Hospital and he was later transferred to the Humane Society. Norgren has reportedly developed a bond with Chatanooga and has visited him several times at the Humane Society.