Tucson city council and Rio Nuevo board ready to move forward

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The relationship between city council and the Rio Nuevo board has been rocky the last few months. Wednesday the Rio Nuevo board met, just a day after council members demanded more answers from them.   And the two groups might just be ready to talk face to face.

"We don't' know the bond situation," said Councilmember Steve Kozachik.  "We don't know the agreement. We don't know how much it's going to cost."

Steve Kozachik and the rest of city council don't know a lot when it comes to Rio Nuevo. A day after he called for answers from Rio Nuevo consultant Greg Shelko, Kozachik finally found out something.

"I found out he resigned his position," said Kozachik.  "Now its between us and Rio Nuevo."

The problem is Shelko resigned in June. And no one on council knew about it.

"Here we are again, two bodies working supposedly on hundreds of millions dollars for projects, and we're not talking to each other," said Kozachik.  "It makes no sense."

But at Wednesday's Rio Nuevo board meeting, there was a sign of hope.

"We'll certainly extend that hand of cooperation and commitment for the betterment of everyone."

"We would be willing to have someone there."

The board will send someone to council to answer questions. But Kozachik also wants the facts from the city manager.

"I'm saying the same thing to him," said Kozachik.  "Show us the terms you're expecting so that we know between the two parties there's any reason to go forward."

Rio Nuevo board member David Jones believes that despite the bumps in the road, the project must go on.

"We would be extremely remiss to pull the plug on a project like this," said Jones.  "It means too much to the people of Tucson."

After all it is taxpayer money.

Calls to the city manager's office were not returned Wednesday.