Benson dog found with collar embedded in neck is looking for new home

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Sadie is up for adoption. By Jennifer Thomas Sadie is up for adoption. By Jennifer Thomas

BENSON, Ariz. -- A dog that was found wearing a collar that was so small it became embedded in her neck is looking for a new home.

On Aug. 2, the Cochise County Sheriff's Office received a call regarding several dogs running loose in the Benson area. Animal Control officers responded to the corner of Lake Shelly Drive and Little Rincon Road and a red-and-black brindle puppy jumped into the front seat of the vehicle when the officer got out.

According to Carol Capas with the Cochise County Sheriff's Office, the Animal Control officer located the residence where the dog lived and attempted to contact the owner without success.

While at the home, the officer saw several other dogs in the yard, including a young brown-and-white heeler mix that was crying and scratching at its neck. Upon further examination, the officer noticed that the dog's neck was swollen and had fluid seeping from an open wound.

The officer obtained a phone number for the resident and left a message before receiving permission from a supervisor to remove the dog for immediate medical treatment.

Capas said an examination revealed that a puppy collar had grown into the skin of the dog's neck and was embedded. A veterinarian surgically removed the collar, which was adequate for a 5- to 10-pound puppy. The dog that it was on, Sadie, is 27 pounds.

The dog was placed on antibiotics and pain medication.

The officer returned a call to the animal's owner and advised him of Sadie's circumstances. The owner said that Sadie would not come to him so he was unaware of the embedded collar.

According to Capas, the owner said he would relinquish the two dogs picked up by the officer and keep the pit bull and puppies at his home.

The owner was given the vet bill along with citations for cruel mistreatment of an animal and for dog at large, no collar or tags.

Capas said Sadie will be available for adoption at the end of September, or earlier if someone is willing to ensure follow-up care with her injury. The adoption fee for Sadie will be a donation in her name to the veterinarian's office.

Sadie is about eight months old and weighs approximately 35 pounds. She is highly energetic and will need frequent exercise. She is good with other dogs and is current on all of her shots. Sadie still needs some work on manners and appropriate chewing, but she is very loving and willing to learn.

Sadie needs a good home. Anyone seriously interested in adopting her can call 520-432-9500.