Tucson home workshop aims to stop foreclosures

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The economy continues to struggle, and so does the housing market in Tucson. Right now the number of foreclosures and short sales on active listings stands at about 30%.

"I commend you for having the courage to do this."

It's definitely not easy to admit you need help, but Morris Mellor knew this was his last chance.

"If I dont get help today then I'll probably have to move out of my house," said Mellor.

Just in July more than 1,100 notices of default were mailed out in Pima County.  Mellor, like most of the people in the audience of the workshop are facing foreclosure on homes they've known for a lifetime.

"It affects me because I have two children," said Morris Mellor.  "They rely on that hosue."

Mellor was one of hundreds who came to the Save Your Home Workshop. Organizers only expected about 40 people.

But many more showed up, indicating the extent of the problem locally.

"People wait to the last minute," said Maria Powell.  "The sooner people realize they're in trouble the better."

Most people aren't asking for help though, as evidenced by the foreclosures stacking up on broker Maria Powell's desk.

"This is definitely the worst we've seen," said Powell.  "There are alot of foreclosures right now."

About 80% of the homes listed at Help-U-Sell are foreclosures or short sales.

"Those are the ones that are selling faster because the prices are lower."

But people like Mellor want to make sure their homes don't end up on the market.  "Hopefully they can help me," said Mellor.  Hopefully its not too late.

Those who need assistance can call one of the sponsors of the workshop, Don't Borrow Trouble at 520 792-3087.