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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. I have approximately 50 CDs full of old, big-band music that I want to put on an iPod that I plan to purchase soon. The only problem I'm having is that I'm not sure which iPod to buy. What I’d like to know is how many GB (gigabytes) do I need to hold all that music? Thanks for your help, Mr. M.

A. Apple considers the average song to be four minutes in length, so with that in mind, a 1GB (gigabyte) iPod will allow you to save approximately 250 songs; 2 GB, 500 songs; 4 GB, 1000 songs; 160GB, 40,000 songs. Yikes! That's approximately 2,600 hours or 111 days of nonstop, 24-7 music. Advil anyone?

Breaking out my trusty slide rule, if we apply the same iPod “4-minute” standard, that would assume 4.16 SPM (songs per megabyte). Each of your CDs is 650MB, which would equate to 156.25 songs per CD, assuming a song is four-minutes in length and assuming the CD is wall-to-wall music. Let's round it off to 150. What's a few tunes among friends?

If you have 50 CDs, that’s a total of 7500 songs (50 x 150), which is what the good folks at Apple estimate for the capacity of their 8GB iPod Touch or 2,000 songs for the iPod Nano.

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Q. How do I send emails in Outlook Express with “undisclosed-recipients” in the To: line? I know to put everyone on the BCC: line so recipients only see their own address and not who else is receiving the message. What I can't figure out is how to change what appears in the To: field. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A. Some Outlook Express users reading your question may not see the BCC field option you're referring to. To make it visible, simply click View > All Headers.

Now, turning to your question, specifically, if you list all your recipients in the BCC: field and send the message without anyone listed in the To: field, OE will automatically insert the words "Undisclosed Recipients" in your email header. This isn't foolproof, however.

If your email program will not allow you to send a message without placing an address in the To: field, you can either insert your own address or go to your address book and create a new entry. For the name, use “Undisclosed Recipients," and use your own email address. The next time you send an email to multiple individuals, insert this new address in the To: field, then list all your other recipients in the BCC: section.

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