Police release images in Tucson's Chick-fil-a homicide

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Police are releasing surveillance pictures from cameras at the Chick-fil-a on Oracle Road. Thomas Piazza was shot to death in that restaurant early the morning of June 10th.

Things are quite normal outside the Chick-fil-a restaurant on the northwest side of Tucson, but the images caught by security cameras and recently released by the Tucson Police Department is putting a three month old case back in the spotlight.

They're hoping a release of the photos now might jog somebody's memory

Police believe the man captured on video shot and killed Tom Piazza inside the restaurant June 10. The motives for the shooting are  unknown, which is still a harsh reality his wife has to face everyday.

"The first few months have been unreal, like we walk around like this is just a dream and were gonna wake up, a bad dream," said Beth Piazza.

Beth had not seen all the surveillance photos before talking to us.  Police know the pictures are not the best quality, but they wanted to release something because leads in the case are slowing down.

"The older cases that go unsolved for any length of time and get bumped back a little bit and detectives work on those whenever they have time in between other cases," said Detective Ronstadt.

Even after three months, it's still so fresh in Beth's minid.  "By the time we heard about it he was already gone and there was no goodbye, no last chance to talk to him, it was just so shocking," said Beth.  "The saddest is gonna be raising four kids without their dad and the sadness that comes with the for four children."

And with the killer still out there, beth vows she will not live her life in fear.  "I can't raise 4 kids if im looking behind my shoulder wondering every minute of the day if someone's going to come kill me," said Beth.  "Part of moving on is the fact that life keeps going and you cant just stop."

Police are asking the public to come forward with any information they may have after seeing the pictures by calling 911 or 88-CRIME.