Three suspects on the loose after early morning home invasion, kidnapping

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PHOENIX -- Police are searching for three suspects, two men and a woman, in an early morning home invasion and kidnapping.

According to investigators, the suspects claimed to be police when the pounded on the door of a home in the area of 35th and Missouri avenues at about 2 a.m. Two men, a woman and a 5-year-old child were home at the time.

When the victims opened the door, the suspects forced their way inside. Police said the suspects demanded drugs and money before kidnapping the two men.

"After ransacking the house, [the suspects] abducted two of the individuals here," said Sgt. Alex Ortiz of the Phoenix Police Department.

The suspects later called the woman and demand a cash ransom for the men, Ortiz said. The two men were eventually released north of Phoenix, possibly in the Anthem area. Neither was hurt.

Police said right after the men were kidnapped, the woman and the child left the scene and went to a friend's house. Investigators said it was two hours before she called the police. Detectives are trying to determine what happened during that time.

The three suspects are still on the loose. No descriptions were immediately available.

Police said they're not sure if the victims were specifically targeted or if this was a random incident.