Sedation dentistry

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It's been reported that between one third and one half of the population in the US have a fear or phobia of dentists. Via de Ventura Dental Care provides a solution to those that fit in this category, sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry is when a patient receives sedation medication before a dental care treatment. Via de Ventura Dental Care provides three types of sedation dentistry: Nitrous Oxide, Oral conscious sedation (pills) and IV sedation.

Nitrous Oxide is the most common and first level of sedation also known as laughing gas. This type of sedation is used to take the edge off the patients that have fear or anxiety of dental procedures. The sedation allows the patients to stay awake during treatment but at the same time remain relaxed. The next level of sedation is oral conscious sedation.

Oral sedation is given through pill form under the patients tongue prior to treatment. The medication is administered based on the patient's metabolic system. If their metabolic system is fast the medication could wear off during the procedure. If that happens, the doctor will administer another pill under the patient's tongue. On the reverse side if a patient's metabolic system is slow the patient may still feel the medication effects after the dental treatment is over. In this case the doctor will administer medication under the tongue to reverse the sedation.

Lastly, the third level of sedation is IV sedation. IV sedation is used for patients that have severe anxiety and don't want to be awake for the dental procedure. For IV sedation they use a small line and administer the medication through the line. This is the most common practice at Via de Ventura Dental Care as it allows the doctor's to manage the sedation at a moments notice. If a patient starts to awake during the procedure the doctor will administer more medication and the patient will be back to sleep within seconds.

If you or someone you know has anxiety or phobia of dentists visit Via de Ventura Dental Care for a free consultation. Also, the first 50 visitors from or Your Life A to Z who undergo treatment will receive complimentary sedation.

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