Jury returns guilty verdict in killing of Phoenix police officer making defendant eligible for death penalty

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PHOENIX - A jury found Edward James Rose guilty on all aggravating factors in the shooting death of a Phoenix police officer in 2007.

The trial now enters the penalty phase.

Rose is eligible for the death penalty in this case based on the jury's guilty verdict.

Rose plead guilty in the shooting death of Officer George Cortez Jr. at a check-cashing store in Phoenix on July 27, 2007.

Police say Rose's girlfriend distracted George Cortez Jr. as the officer was trying to arrest Rose for trying to cash a forged check. Authorities say that gave Rose the opportunity to shoot the 23-year-old officer.

The shooting was captured on the store's surveillance video, which was shown during the trial.

The charges he was convicted on range from first-degree murder, conspiracy, fraud, theft, forgery and burglary.