Marana hit and run memorial

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The family of Patrick Pelletier Sunday held a memorial service, reflecting on how talented and happy he was. They can't help but hope someone witnessed his death last Sunday.

Joyful memories and tearful embraces were shared at the Marana Community Christian Church Sunday, as family members cope with the loss of 22-year-old Patrick Pelleteir.

Patrick's mother, Iliza Lavallee, says she feels anger and sadness all at once.

"I miss his smile, I miss the way he would play little jokes, and games I miss the way he was so happy playing the guitar," said Iliza.  "It's just it's not right it's not right."

Late last Saturday Patrick was out walking when he was struck and killed by a vehicle. The driver did not stop.

Grandfather Anthony Lavallee says the family is desperate for answers.

"And to them I say I have no animosity," said Anthony.  "Actions happen I understand but you need to come forward you need to give this family an opportunity to close this book."

Patrick's aunt, Alicen Lavallee says the family lost its loved one, but the world lost an amazing musical talent.

"He loved to play the piano, he could play Mozart and beet-oven and he played the drums but not very good but still."

It's hard to smile about the good times right now, but Alicen and Anthony say it's helping them come to terms with Patrick's death.

"He liked to take long walks. He loved the desert. It gave him an opportunity to think. He was a blooming flower."

Marana police have not named any suspects and they are seeking witnesses. If you were near the intersection of Marana and Wentz roads last Saturday from around midnight to 2 A.M. Sunday you are urged to call police.

Donations to Patrick's Memorial Fund can be made to:
The Community Christian Church of Marana
P.O. Box 26
Marana, AZ  85653