Phoenix house catches fire twice

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PHOENIX -- Firefighters were called out to a Phoenix home not once, but twice Monday morning.

The first fire started at about 1:30 a.m. at a home in the area of 40th Avenue south of Camelback Road. Firefighters doused the blaze, but it flared back up at about 6 a.m. 3TV's Bruce Haffner, who was getting ready to leave the scene, called 911 after seeing flames shooting through the roof once again.

The homeowner is out of town, so nobody was home when the fire started.

The house was packed with boxes of clothing and other items. That made it difficult for the firefighters to get into the home and through the rooms. Crews said there was stuff everywhere.

It's not clear what sparked the initial fire, which apparently started in the kitchen. Firefighters say it's not uncommon for a house fire to re-ignite. Smoldering embers can flare back up, especially when there's quite a bit of fuel.

No injuries were reported.

A neighbor was finally able to contact the vacationing homeowner.

"I think she was in shock," said Rita Mason, who lives across the street. It's not clear if the homeowner will be cutting her vacation short.