Police trying to determine if Phoenix child luring incidents are related

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PHOENIX - Most children are abused or exploited by someone they know, but in just the last couple of weeks there have been a rash of reported strangers trying to lure in children after school.

Two weeks ago a man was seen following students from schools between Cinnabar and Sweetwater and 28th Street to 40th Street.

Then, just this week it happened again to a student at Horizon High School, near 56th Street and Greenway.

Police are trying to see if all of these incidents are connected, but schools are alerting parents with a letter that went home with students at several schools around Horizon High School warning parents to take precautions.

The latest incident happened at 60th Street and Waltann, just across the way from Horizon High School.

A girl was walking home from class Tuesday when a stranger tried to convince her to get in his car.

When she refused and started to make a call, the guy in the car took off.

The episode has students and parents on high alert.

Two weeks ago two similar incidents took place at two other Paradise Valley Schools.

At 40th Street and Sweetwater a Paradise Valley High School Student was asked to get in a car and at 28th Street and Cinnabar the same suspect asked a Shea Middle School student if he could have her shoes.

It’s unclear if the first two incidents are related to this latest one, but for school officials that doesn’t matter.