Vote 2010: Green party ruling and Dist. 27 debate; Dever elected Chair Border Sheriff's Coalition

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A judge has denied a request to remove Green Party nominees from the November ballot.

The Green party calls the disputed nominees sham candidates and say Republicans recruited them to siphon votes from the Democrats. They made arguments Thursday in court. But the judge decided they will remain on the ballot.


A debate Thursday night in Tucson featured the candidates for State Representative in District 27.

Candidates Gene Chewning, Robert Compton, Sally Ann Gonzales, Macario Saldate, and Kent Solberg discussed the issues.

The candidates are fighting for two open spots in the November general election.


Cochise County sheriff Larry Dever has been elected chairman of the Southwest Border Sheriff's Coalition.

The coalition consists of sheriffs from 26 counties in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

The point is to meet and discuss ways to combat border crime and violence.