3TV Sports Predicting the Cards Challenge

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PHOENIX - Each week see if you are smarter then a bird in the 3TV Sports Predicting the Cards Challenge.

Elvis, a Northern Ground Hornbill from the Wildlife World Zoo, will pick a winner in the Arizona Cardinals game each week. 3TV's Tim Ring and Brad Cesmat will also make their picks.

See if you stack up by picking a winner. Also place a pick for the final score so we can break ties. Ties will be broken by those who predict closest to the final score.

The challenge opens on Thursday at 4 p.m. and ends at kick-off of the Cardinals game.

At the end of placing your pick, make sure to note the Rewards Challenge Code Word and enter for 5000 rewards points.

Each Monday check back online to see how you stack up.


Week 1 Cardinals 17, Rams 13 - Elvis picked wrong, Winners Dennis Womack, Gina Murietta, Jeanette Spearman, Marva Heywood

Week 2 Cardinals 7, Falcons 41 - Elvis picked correctly along with, Winner Samantha Soto

Week 3 Cardinals 24, Raiders 23 - Elvis picked wrong

Week 4 Cardinals 10, Chargers 41 - Elvis picked correctly along with, Winner Carla Verworst

Week 5 Cardinals 30, Saints 20 - Elvis picked wrong, Winner Marilyn

Week 6 Cardinals 10, Seahawks 22 - Elivs picked wrong, Winners Beau, Achy

Week 7 Cardinals 35, Tampa Bay 38 - Elvis picked wrong, Winner Natalie

Week 8 Cardinals 18, Seahawks 36 - Elvis picked correctly

Week 9 Cardinals 31, Chiefs 13 - Elvis picked correctly, Winner Marilou

Week 10 Cardinals 6 , 49ers 27 - Elvis picked correctly

Week 11 Cardinals 6, Rams 19 - Elvis picked wrong, Winner Jeremy

Week 12 Cardinals 43, Denver 13 - Elvis picked right

Week 13 Cardinals 12, Carolina 19 - Elvis picked right

Week 14 Cardinals 27, Cowboys 26 - Elvis picked wrong