Tucson murders surpass 2009 total

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There's been 15 murders in the last month bringing the total for the year up to 41. Forty was the total number of homicides last year. This recent rash of killings has Tucson Police alarmed and the community concerned.

A car wash on Beverly and 22nd Street was the scene of Tucson's latest murder Tuesday night.

"An officer who was assigned to the violent crimes initiative was patroling the area about to go south bound when he saw a body in the roadway," said Sgt. Diana Lopez of the Tucson Police Department.

Blood still remains ont he asphalt from a 33-year-old African-american man found lying in the middle of road.  That's about all TPD detectives know.  "We actually have very limited information in regard to suspects of what happened here," said Sgt. Lopez.

The death brings tucson's homicide total to 40 for the year. It's the 14 murder over the last month that is causing the most concern.

"It's a high number for the short amount of time, so of course it's a concern we're hoping with highter visability will deter some of this crime," said Sgt. Lopez. "Any upsurge in things like murders are gonna make people less safe."

Local psychiatrist Kevin Leehey says a rash of killings can put a community on edge, especially when the violence gets frequent coverage in the media.  "It's a basic human response to be fearful of the potential loss of life, that can be very upsetting," said Leehey.

Police are asking anyone will information to speak up and hopefully this recent trend will soon end.