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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Alice Chang, President & co-founder, Academy for Cancer Wellness, Carla Ecker, Associate Concertmaster, Tucson Symphony Orchestra and a cancer survivor,(Carla was a beneficiary of the ACW program), and Liz McMahon, performer, ACW Confetti Gala.

The ACW was founded in 1995 by Chang, John Welker, and the late Gertrude Welker as a support network for people living with cancer, as well as for their families, friends, and caretakers.
Chang says the new foundation sought to empower those theretofore referred to as cancer patients or cancer survivors with a designation more worthy of their accomplishments; hence, the term “cancer champion” was born. She says faced with the reality that working families are often under-insured, ACW’s board also found that many insurance providers pass on much of the financial burden to such under-insured employees. As a result, she says countless individuals do not receive adequate and appropriate treatments. She says ACW initiated the Underinsured Cancer Patients’ Endowment Fund to remedy this. She says musicians with Cancer can receive funds from the endowment to help pay medical expenses not covered by insurance. Ecker says after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 she turned to Chang for help. She says ACW helped with referrals to oncologists and surgeons and with emotional support.
McMahon talks about the annual “Confetti Gala” fundraiser scheduled Oct. 17. She says the goal is $100,000, and $24,000 will fully vest the $150,000 Underinsured Cancer Patients’ Endowment Fund. McMahon will perform a tribute to Rosemary Clooney at the event.