Video of the day: Cruise ship pounded by storm, huge waves

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PHOENIX -- Stunning video of a what happened aboard a luxury cruise liner that was caught in a freak storm 400 miles off the coast of New Zealand is going viral online.

The Australian Pacific Sun cruise ship's closed-circuit television system caught the havoc on tape. The incident happened in July 2008, but the CCTV video was just recently released on LiveLeak.

At least 42 passengers were hurt as 25-foot tall waves slammed the ship, violently rocking it back and forth. The waves hit as high as the fifth deck.

The dinner services was just beginning when the storm hit. The video shows furniture flying across the room and people being tossed about.

According to one passenger, it was "like being in a disaster movie."

A spokesman for Carnival Australia said the incident was "an exceptionally rare occurrence."


Watch the entire 7:24 clip from LiveLeak.