Pet of the Day - Vera

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#673104 – 1.5 Years Old – Shepherd Mix – Female

Gentle and gracious Vera could sure use a friend. Rescued from a hoarding situation, Vera came to us timid and unapproachable. For the first few days, Vera had to be carried in order to go anywhere. But thanks to her new friends in Canine College, Vera is making remarkable progress and has transformed into a well-socialized and loving companion. In just a few weeks of training, Vera has been introduced to leashes, hugs, and delicious treats! Now working on sit, down, come and heel, Vera is unrecognizable from the dog she was just a month ago. Vera is already paper trained and crate trained, but would prefer to spend her days out and about, enjoying all that the world has to offer, right by your side. If you could give Vera the personal attention and care she needs and deserves, please get to know this extraordinary girl today at the HSSA. Vera will gladly repay your kindness with a lifetime of love and loyalty.