Labor Day bittersweet for unemployed in Tucson

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Labor Day is a holiday reserved to give those working, much needed time off.  But this year, thanks to an almost 10 percent unemployment rate in Arizona, the day off is bittersweet for many.

Kimberly Curwood has been out of work now for almost a year. Coming out to a labor day celebration picnic is bittersweet.  "I used to work for Clinique cosmetics, a while back and I've been unemployed for a while now and i can't find a job, it's too hard," said Kimberly.

According to the latest number the Arizona department of commerce released in august, The state has a 9.6% unemployment rate, which is just a hair above the national average. In Tucson, the rate is 8.7%.

"There are a lot of people here that are unemployed right now," said Linda Hatfield of the Pima area Labor Federation.  "They have the belief it will turn around and jobs will come back and it's just a case of when that happens."

Kimberly's been told that before, but there is optimism.  "There is some options out there, you just gotta really try for it. Work hard do whatever you have to do to get into something," said Kimberly.

And she's not giving up.

Yuma recorded the highest unemployment rate in the state with 22.8% out of work. Flagstaff was the lowest with just under 8%.